About Us

document_256pxCHINA IMPORT OFFICE founded in 2010 by Cem KILIÇER to provide products to successful entrepreneurs and businesses for import consulting agency. Our company works as a Department of Foreign Trade for the companies that want to import from China but do not have an idea about know-how. CHINA IMPORT OFFICE does its foreign trade operations in Istanbul and Zhuhai.. More..


piechart_256pxAfter images, technical details, specifications, your actual number, we will identify the correct target price regarding the products that will be imported. We collect the necessary information for products and companies by phone calls and correspondence. Then again, we will contact appropriate ones; we will visit the place if necessary. After one week of work we do, we prepare you a detailed report. After determination of the company or conducting mutual sample work.. More..

Important Points

chat_256pxCustoms Regulation is the most important issue for the products to be imported. Custom regulations, pre-import; information about product, and what tariff will be the product entered must be gathered from custom brokers. There are different taxes, surveillance, documents and anti-dumping practices for each product and product group. Make good research to avoid legislative.. More..